The Dark Side

It's within you, its within every man. If you want the best results in any area of your life it's well worth working on channelling that energy and trying to put it to good use. 

I'm not sure whether you can eliminate the dark side of your personality but I've seen men use it to their advantage, especially when it's time to knuckle down in the gym and get to work.  Anger, frustration and other insecurities can either cripple you or give you the edge when times get tough. The focus needed to achieve something big can be fuelled by parts of your personality that might hold you back in other areas of life and perhaps these so called negatives can be flipped on their head and turned into a positive. 

And lets face it, if we can't remove them then surely its better to take your anger out in the weights room than go home and shout at the wife and kids. 

You only have to open your eyes and take a look at the best boxers in the world, most of which were given a rough start to life but have used their anger inside the ring to build a career and help other young men get off the streets and into gyms. In fact its hard to find any creative genius, top athlete or super successful businessman that hasn't got a dark side that drives them forward. 

So the next time your dark side appears then ask yourself how you might be able to put it to better use.