The Fire In Your Belly

There’s no better feeling than being unstoppable. When everything you touch turns to gold and you are receiving positive feedback from your close friends and family. You walk around with an air of confidence, super motivated and attract all the good things in life.

Life is easy.

So what the fuck do you do if those results disappear and your motivation is on the fucking floor?

Most successful men have been there. They’ve all lost something, whether it is their money, business, health or a loved one. One of my mentors who is doing very well right now almost jumped off a fucking cliff several years ago because he wanted to die. He nearly lost everything.

Its very possible in todays world you will experience some hardship, tough times and challenges that will need all your fight. You’ll have to suit up the armour and go to war with your emotions and feelings because giving in to the dark and negative voice in your head is not an option unless you want to jump.

If the fire in your belly is out then it’s surely time to take a break, regroup, reassess and then reignite. This can take time. Forcing yourself to go to war when you are exhausted might not be the best strategy. Opinions of you may decline as you rest up but deep down (very deep down) you know you are in recovery and it’s only a certain amount of time before you are ready to fight again. This could be weeks, months or years but it will return.

In my experience it all starts with a thought. If you are having dreams and visions of doing something more with life then its possible and it means you are in recovery. When these thoughts die and you can see no good you must swallow positivity every day with content (books and podcasts) until the cloud passes and a ray of sun breaks through.

If things are falling to pieces pick up a book about someone who has been where you are. There is nothing better than a comeback story and it may inspire you to create your own.

View challenge as a great thing.

Be willing to make mistakes because that is the only true way to learn.

Fuck what others think of you, be your own man. No one else has to live inside your head.

But when its time to go, be ready to give your best.