When things fall apart

If at some point, past or present, you have been in the position of feeling like a complete failure this blog might offer some hope.

At first I thought it was all fluffy bullshit and a complete waste of time.

”Record a daily win” my coach told me. After rolling my eyes and questioning how the fuck that would help me I just did it. I did it every day for a year. Still…..nothing! What a fucking waste of time. These things didn’t feel like wins at all, it felt like I was just writing it down for the sake of it, and I guess I was. So after a year I stopped.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone’? Yeah that’s right. It turns out recording something positive or some kind of achievement everyday was helping me more than I knew. These small and simple daily wins might have felt like they were no big deal but if you add up 365 small wins you have one pretty big ass year full of progression amongst the not so good times that are inevitable.

Wins offer confidence and confidence offers self-belief even if it’s a quiet subconscious confidence that sits quietly in your gut. No man achieved anything great without self-belief.

Take the wins away and you are left with a pile of fucks ups and could have done better scenarios. I watched my confidence slowly drain away as the weeks past before I was incapable of even imagining something exciting happening with my business or in my personal life. My self-belief crumbled due to my lack of achievement and my ambition went with it.

So what’s the answer?

The big comeback.

Start again.


There’s nothing better than a comeback story.

Either that or accept you lack of ambition and settle for what you have in life.

Daily. Every day. Find something. Write it down.

Watch those wins build up over time and watch your self-belief grow with it as you tick off a bunch of small wins. Don’t lose sight of what you do well because its far more natural and easy to look at the shit you are failing at.

Todays win. Writing this blog.

What’s yours?