Why you keep failing

Are you a dude who keeps failing in your health and fitness journey?

Most the guys I work with have failed before, most of which started in a gym because they felt like they should yet in reality they didn’t want to be there and had no idea what they should be doing when they did show up.

Every time you fail with your latest attempt at becoming healthier you lose a notch of self-belief and in the long run even YOU don’t believe you are going to stick to your word. Each attempt becomes more desperate and extreme until you start paying some dickhead from Herbalife to supply you with powder meals. You’ve tried it all and you’ve not succeeded in any.

There are many reasons why you might not being seeing long term results but here are usual suspects

Patience: You want results overnight. You think 6 weeks is going to transform you when in reality you need to exercise or move for the rest of your life. You don’t see a set of abs after 18 sessions so decide it’s not worth the hassle.

Expectations: They are completely wrong. “On my previous diet I lost 10lbs in one week”…..and how did that work out in the end? A slap of reality from a good personal trainer can help solve this.

Company: All your friends and family booze heavily and eat shit. This is always going to be a tough one but you can either limit the time you spend in the company of these people or find hobbies and interests with people who don’t live in the pub.

Self-belief: Usually destroys most men’s goals because they don’t do what they said they would. Start small, build up and record all the wins and the times you backed up your mouth.

Motivation: You expect this to be present all the time and it never is. Habit will take over motivation if you stick at it long enough.

Consistency: You train really week for one week and eat like an athlete followed by a week of absenteeism from exercise and a cheeky curry with 6 pints the next. It’s better to eat 80% well all the time than 100% one week and 20% the next.

Dude, if you’ve been trying to get into shape for years then slow the fuck down. Would you rather it take 3 years to get into good shape at a pace you can handle whilst building up your self confidence than spend 10 years looking for the magic secret whilst achieving nothing.

It’s your choice man.