You aren't depressed unless you want to kill yourself

You aren’t depressed unless you want to kill yourself

Sadly, many believe this statement. If your situation regarding depression is to be taken seriously by the medical profession then maybe you have to be at the contemplation stage, or even worse having attempted suicide.

Perhaps consistently feeling down and depressed takes you to a path where suicide becomes a thought. If day after day you receive no pleasure from life and have no pleasant feelings in your soul then you can become numb. You start to miss the point of life and the satisfactions others get from small pleasures in life don’t warm your heart or draw a smile on your face.

You may even start to ask yourself why you are bothering doing things like eating well, exercising, taking holidays and taking care of yourself. In fact, what is the point of anything?

The biggest question to be asked is whether this attitude, behavior and feeling can be changed and changed without the use of medication or is this an internal and emotion issue that is etched deep into your soul.

In my own personal and hopeful opinion, I like to think depression can be beaten. I am under no illusion that it will take a huge shift in lifestyle and something that most men just will not be prepared to do. Whenever I ask myself a question like this I look around for examples of men who have changed their entire game. They exist, which offers proof, and hope, that mental health can be improved. You may never be entirely happy, I think this is called life, but you can be happier. 

Don’t wait until you have no option. You have one go at this life, so if you can do something to improve it then do it now. As I approach my 34th year on this planet I’m starting to think more about the ticking clock that counts down the days until it’s over. I don’t know when this clock will stop, so things are feeling more urgent. My experiences losing friends my age have taught me this in a cruel fashion. 

 Where to start. Start with the small stuff, the now. Where are the daily wins, the daily pleasures? I had to hunt these down because there was no way my negative brain was going to find them. I’ve trained the brain hard over the last year to recognise them or at least do a better job. Simple pleasures in life have returned. It’s a warm feeling but needs daily work.

You don’t have to be suicidal to start making big changes. You just need to want to be happier and happiness won’t come to you unless you are open to it.

Alex Myers