Who wins the battle?

Every morning as your heavy eyes open you may take a split second to work out which person has been woken by the alarm clock

 Usually you know instantly. I’ve woken many a days wishing I didn’t have to thrive and this often signals the start of the mental battle. This is why I HAVE to start my day with my own routine that includes meditation and 3 wins from the previous day.

 I’ve learnt what doesn’t work for me, and fighting the internal battle by relying only on motivation is a game I was losing on a daily basis and I’d become really tired and frustrated at losing. I was desperate for my mindset to become a positive one and I thought I had done everything in my power to make that happen. Reality has a strange way of becoming warped when you are looking through the eyes of a depressed victim. The world can feel like it’s against you and you’ve already lost the battle and feel hard done by.

 The way out of this for me was to challenge the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing everyday. It was a Devil vs Angel scenario. I knew I was being destructive but it was comfortable and painful at the same time and I did not have the energy to turn things around. So my main focus switched from thriving to restoring my energy. How can you fight if you are knocked the fuck out?

 So that’s what I did, and that’s what worked and continues to work for me. I can’t be like my main man Gary Vaynerchuk. So I started to become Alex Myers, and yes it’s still a work in progress and I still sometimes do things that don’t serve me well but that’s all part of the process. I’m done with trying to be the best.

 It was frustrating at first that I had to do all these ‘things’ to just be able to function and achieve some simple goals but now I’m good at them and my goals get bigger and bigger whilst my capacity to handle them grows alongside them. The things that were chores are now necessities that offer pleasurable outcomes and happy feelings.  So why on earth would I stop and let the internal and external voices bring me back?

 Things that take my energy are now less present and the things that give energy are now more regular. The battle starts upon wake up. Do it then. Do it as soon as possible. Find a way. I get up earlier now than ever (4:30am) but I have MORE energy than when I would snooze for hours. I’m not getting up and scrolling Facebook, I’m up to ensure my day is as productive and enjoyable as it can be because everyman needs a challenge or goal in life and the satisfaction comes from the daily steps you take towards success. If you have zero targets or projects in life then where does the creation, success and therefore confidence come from. It dwindles away and leaves you feeling empty. And you were not put on this planet to feel that way, everyman deserves to achieve.

Alex Myers