Time To Man Up?

Mental health is understandably a sensitive topic for most. Suicide rates are at an all time high. As a man, you are more likely to take your own life than get killed by a terrorist or get ran over by a high speeding car.

With this in mind, we must be cautious with the advice we give out to those who are feeling so disconnected from the world. Often, words are too late, and too little, to save a man who is ready to take his own life. 
But what about those men who plod through life and are just unhappy with their existence? 

As a man who spent the majority of his life labelling himself depressed and anxious I can closely relate to those dudes who find themselves in a similar position. I have empathy, but less than I used to. It is difficult to empathise when simple action and courage could remove them from their situation. Asking yourself the right questions could provide you with the answers. 

Some men are just a diet away from installing the energy needed to make better life choices. Others could distance themselves from experiencing the repeatedly depressive state by eliminating alcohol from their lives. It is a decision, and decisions shape your life. 

I have spent thousands of pounds and countless hours trying to improve my mindset, energy and general happiness. To a certain degree it was successful, in other ways it was an epic failure. Knowing what I know now, I could have saved myself years of pain. 

Depression always brought with it an element of love and attention. Removing the label took my identity with it, and much of the worry that loved ones gave me. Without it, I’m just a normal dude.  

However, creating a new life is exciting. Taking action that creates a better future offers happiness, being grateful for what you have offers satisfaction. Do both.

The answers for real change occur in your daily habits and rituals. No man will change his life without changing his daily routine. The answers are found here. Success leaves clues. Just watch the man who is in great shape with high energy levels, who has a fulfilling career whilst giving unlimited amounts of time and love to his family. Follow his rituals with a keen interest. Energy is the key player, a tired man will always struggle. 

It takes courage to face up to the hard truths. They can be ugly, but you need to face them if you are serious about change. Pain can be the best driver. Look in the mirror, it will tell you everything you need to know about your diet and standards of self care. It takes courage to ask for help and advice, to admit you are unhappy. Because once it is ‘out there’ you will be expected to do something about it. 

There is a time where you will need to step up if you want a better life. Call it courage, call it manning up, call it what the fuck you want. It is not easy, but in my opinion, it is easier than living a life that you are unhappy with. With life offering no guarantees, there is no better time to put yourself on the line than now. 

Alex Myers