The Motivation Slump And How To Fix It

I was becoming very frustrated so I put my feet up and watched another hour of Netflix. I wanted to eat more than usual and I really fancied another couple of beers. 

For 14 days I straight I waited for it it to return, but it didn't. I started to complain about my lack of energy and indulged in some self pity and story telling. I was not only getting further away from the things I said I wanted but the motivation to do anything about it was dissolving every day. I started to ask myself “Am I depressed?”

I mean, I just wanted to stay in bed, eat pizza, drink beer, smoke cigarettes and binge on boxsets. For a personal trainer, that is not good. Would you work with a fat beer swigging trainer who smelt of fags?

During my 2 week trip to VictimLand, I was starting to become bored of my own bullshit so I slowed down for 30 minutes and took the time to look at what was going on. All of those years spent reading shitty self help books will do that for you. The answer was simple, I think I uttered the words ‘no wonder you aren’t motivated you dick’ and decided to change it. 

I remembered what my mentor told me. Put your attention on your intentions. Everyday. 

This is the fastest way to change how you feel, in my opinion. Motivation is something you create, it won’t jump out from behind the couch and give you a hug. A simple reminder of my values, my targets and goals and why they were important to me was enough to switch my attention from the couch to the gym. As soon as I started to do something, anything, I instantly felt better. I was getting things done, it created momentum, I started to achieve things again and therefore felt motivated to do more. 

If I had no goals in life I would have no reason to drag my fat ass off the couch and do something about it. I could easily fall into this trap but how can you be motivated if you have no reason to use it? 

Motivation is a feeling. It comes and goes. But the great news is, you are in control of it. Just get started. Just do something, no matter how small. A lot of small things add up to the big stuff.