Man's Plan Q&As

Am I fit enough to do the Man’s Plan

Attitude is far more important than ability. As long as you are ready to commit to the plan then it can be tailored to your present level of fitness and capabilities. It is certainly not a reason to avoid starting.

What if I can’t train 3 times per week?

If you can’t commit to the Man’s Plan then pick the next best thing and work with me online or at one of my experience weekends.

Can I train Online with you?

Yes. You can either purchase one of the online programs or work with me personally via telephone and Skype.

Do you have parking?

Yes, directly outside the building and its free.

How do I know this will work for me?

There a plenty of fantastic results to back up what you can achieve from this plan. However, your commitment will match your results and you can dictate the speed in which the results progress.

Can I do more exercise outside of the plan if I wish?

Yes. I always encourage quality over quantity but activity is always recommended as well as plenty of good food and recovery.

Why do you focus on weight training?

Lifting weights is a sure fire way to retain or build muscle which is key to fat loss. Improving body composition can speed up metabolism and improve strength so that you remain mobile and healthy.

What about if I have a health issue or injury?

Under some circumstances a note from your doctor may be advised but in general most injuries can be worked around.

Am I too young/ old to join the Man’s Plan?

The Man’s Plan has a variety of both ages and abilities. If you have the right attitude, age is no concern.

Why choose the Man’s Plan?

The Man’s Plan is the perfect plan for any man who wants to take control of his physical and mental health. With my wealth of experience I can help you avoid the mistakes that most men make when trying to improve their condition so that you can maximise your results and improve your mental toughness along the way.

Man's Plan Live Q&As

What do I need to bring?

Your own tent and sleeping bag along with clothing for the weekend and snacks and drinks to keep you fuelled.

How fit do you have to be to take part in the experience weekend?

A reasonable level of fitness is required to take part in all aspects of the experience however there is flexibility with certain parts of the weekend.

Do you provide a nutrition/ food guide to support the training sessions?

All meals are supplied for you. It is highly recommended you bring your own water and drinks as well as snacks that are high in carbohydrates for the day. Any nutritional requirements can be catered for.

What should I wear?

Comfortable trainers are advised along with base layers. A change of clothing and a spare pair of trainers may be required. Without being sure of the weather it is best to come prepared with extra layers as your items can be left at base camp.

What if the weather conditions are bad – will it still go ahead?

Yes. Bad weather helps with building mental toughness

Man's Plan Online Q&As

Who is the online plan suitable for

If you can’t commit to training with me 3 times per week at the studio or you are not within reach then this is for you

Do I need to commit to certain days and times to train?

No. The plan is done in your own time.

Do I receive contact and regular support from you?

The type of plan that you purchase will determine the amount of support and help received.

Can you come to my house and plan my health and fitness schedule for me?

Yes, home visits are available.