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Mans Plan Physical

A 13-week challenge for 8 ambitious men who want to see improvements in physical performance and for those who want to increase mental toughness. Training 3 times per week and learning how to train with weights; the aim is simple: create structure and discipline in order to become stronger and healthier. Be The Man and take on the infamous challenge with Alex and other like-minded men. Ability is not important, attitude is. 

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (6pm and 8pm available) 

6 Week Accelerate: 12th November - 20th December

Price: £349

13 Week Plan: 7th January - 4th April 

Price: £695


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Mans Plan Live

A 1-day experience which will test your mental ability to handle a variety of fun and challenging tasks. 

Be part of a team that shares the same ambitions to improve their physical and mental game. Learn how to stay calm under pressure and tackle fear head on. Expect the unexpected and take on the Live experience. 

All food included.

Suitable clothing necessary. 

14th October

8am Start. 

5pm Finish. 

Location: Blackwell Adventure, Bromsgrove

Price: £69


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Mans Plan Online

If you can’t train with me then do the next best thing.

Take on the challenge that has produced excellent results for a large number of men who want to improve their health, confidence and mental toughness. Use of home gym or commercial gym are both suitable and sessions are tailored to your needs. With regular contact and constant reviews you will have no excuses when it comes to seeing the results you set out to achieve. 

In addition, receive simple and easy to follow nutritional guidelines that do not require calorie counting or high levels of restrictive eating. 


One 2 One Coaching and Personal Program

Price: £99 per month

Regular contact and constant reviews

Suitable for home gym or commercial 


Group Plan 

Price: £99 for 13 weeks 

Receive the support of myself and your team mates

Facebook required 

Suitable for home gym or commercial use

6 Week Plan: Starts 12th November (£59)

13 Week Plan: Starts January 7th


Man's Plan Workouts with Video and Exercise Guide 

Price: £49

All instruction done through your very own exercise library 

Updated with new exercises and helpful videos 


Home Consultations

Have Alex spend time with you to create a detailed and personalised training and lifestyle plan that is manageable and effective. All programs will be suited to what you have access to and get everything in place from training through to nutrition, so you are clear on what is needed in order to get your desired result. Remain motivated and on track with a check in phone call that will hold you accountable to doing what you committed to do.  

Half day visit: £299 plus travel expenses 

Full day: £495 plus travel expenses